Pandora Software Systems, LLC

Pandora Software Systems is an IT consulting firm based in Clearwater, Florida. We specialize in custom IT solutions, including application development, database design and review, data conversions, system integrations and web interfaces. When an off-the-shelf product just won't solve your problems, we can!
We pride ourselves on our ability to translate your business requirements into custom solutions that meet your needs today and tomorrow. Whether you need to develop a completely new application from scratch, extend an existing application, or just need an extra hand with a current project, we can help you meet your design, development and maintenance objectives.
Photo of Chris Morgan Pandora Software Systems was founded by Chris Morgan in 2000 to incorporate his growing consulting business. Mr. Morgan began programming at the age of eight on his Atari 400 home computer has hasn't stopped since.

In 1992, Mr. Morgan began working with the Progress RDBMS and 4GL. Since then, he has designed and developed a wide range of Progress based applications including inventory tracking, environmental heath and safety tracking, MRP, CRM, Service Management, Accounting, Financial Planning, e-Commerce, and others.

Exchange Logo Click here to access the Powerpoint slides and extra materials from Mr. Morgan's presentation at Progress Exchange 2006 - INNOV-2: Build a Better Web Interface Using AJAX.

During this presentation, Mr. Morgan reviewed AJAX techniques, provided examples of AJAX-based validations and data retrieval using an OpenEdge database, and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of AJAX in comparison to traditional 'static' JavaScript techniques.


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